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Update to Group travel restrictions

Dienstag 08 Sep 2020

UniCredit’s restrictions for business and personal travel have been updated in line with the latest Covid-19 data

As we update UniCredit group travel restrictions (based on new infections in the last seven days), the guidance remains that all business travel should be avoided unless there is a clear and critical requirement.

Business travel

  • Manager approval mandatory requirement in all situations
  • Group travel ban to/from/within the following countries
  • Exceptional travel to/from/within countries in the Group Travel Ban List with approval by local CEO or an EMC member. Travel Security team must be notified ( to give final approval

Personal travel

  • Work from home for 14 days if you or a member of your household have visited or transited in one of the countries included in the Group Travel Ban list
  • You may be able to return to your place of work earlier, but you and all members of your household must have tested negative for Covid-19 (swab test) and in line with local guidelines

In all situations, it is your responsibility to also check your local authorities’ latest guidelines [ for Italy] before any international trip and abide by local regulations in relation to self-isolation after travel.

Should you wish to discuss these restrictions in more detail, or should you have any questions about your personal situation, please reach out to your HR Business Partner.

Thank you for your cooperation. Stay healthy, stay safe, and… Do the Right Thing!