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Wednesday 24 Jun 2020

In our everyday life we use more energy than we need, both due to how our living spaces has been design but also because of how we behave in our homes. There are many things we can do to reduce energy use and save up to 10 per cent on energy bills every year


Be responsible: turn off your appliances

Did you know that leaving TVs in standby mode can result in up to 15 per cent of that device’s energy costs? Make sure you turn off all your electronic devices after use, and do not leave chargers plugged in when you are not using them. Your pockets – and the planet – will be grateful!


Be smart: share your modem

Nowadays access to the internet is essential, and each household owns at least one modem. But did you know that modern modems with an output of 8 or 9 watts can easily cover more than one apartment? They can also help you save on the cost of the continuous usage of electricity, which is proportional to the signal range: they account for 7 per cent of household energy consumption!


Save on heating costs: go cooler

In winter, the temptation can be strong to turn up your thermostat to tropical temperatures. But don’t wait until your bill arrives to realise that your apartment could (should!) be cooler. Set the thermostat between 19°C and 20°C, and wear a jumper – you don’t have to be in short sleeves all year round. Each additional degree increases your heating bills by 7 per cent every year!


Keep an eye on your fridge: it is more important than you think

Keeping your appliances well-maintained can improve their energy consumption. Check your fridge’s cooling coils, and defrost both your fridge and freezer regularly to help you keep the cost of cooling food down. Set the fridge to a maximum of 4°C and the freezer to -18°C; do not place hot food in the fridge and do not keep the door open for too long.


Be efficient: cooking cost-effectively

Do you want to save even more on your electricity bill? Be careful when using the oven. If you have the option, turn on the fan to speed up the cooking. Last but not least: you can save 2 per cent on electricity by preparing different dishes at the same time – Pyrex dishes can facilitate the process!

Doing small things every day can make a big difference for our planet. Start saving today!