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How the outbreak will change the way we eat

Wednesday 29 Jul 2020

Covid-19 has transformed the way we dine - not only the way we eat, but what and where we eat. Here are five dining trends that are here for the foreseeable future


We are less likely to dine out

A recent study by management consultancy firm Technomic showed that 32 percent of adults are less likely to dine out due to Covid-19-related health and safety concerns. Restaurants are often in closed, confined spaces where the chances of contagion are higher than outdoor areas. The hospitality industry is adapting to comply with new guidelines and to reduce the risk of exposure. Check with your local authorities to learn more about restaurant dining policies and regulations in your area.


We are more likely to cook from home

Households faced lockdown measures that left people little choice but to cook from home. Although lockdown procedures are now less stringent, the consensus is that people still prefer to prepare meals in the comfort of their own home.


We prefer organic and healthy foods

The demand for healthy and organic foods since the start of pandemic has increased by 30 percent, according to Nourish Organics, a plant-based food company. As we increasingly cook at home, we are more aware of the ingredients we use. Furthermore, healthy foods can help boost the body’s immune system – something we could all do with at the moment!


We care a lot about food safety

A recent survey by agricultural publication The Packer revealed that grocery shoppers have changed their spending habits. Shoppers are paying closer attention to food packaging, preferring properly sealed and packaged goods to those left in open air. We are also making fewer trips to the grocery store, as shoppers are no longer browsing aisles, instead favouring more planned and deliberate trips.


We select locally produced food over imported goods

Cooking from home is increasing shoppers’ awareness of where their food comes from. Local farmers in Europe have seen a spike in demand for fresh produce, offering contactless home delivery services for its customers

Be sure to check with local authorities, producers, and vendors if you have any further questions about food health and safety.