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UniCredit sponsors CURA initiative to develop emergency COVID-19 hospitals

Tuesday 24 Mar 2020

An international taskforce of designers, architects, engineers, medical professionals, military experts and NGOs have joined forces to launch CURA, an innovative initiative to create Covid-19 hospitals from shipping containers.

CURA stands for Connected Units for Respiratory Ailments and also “cure” in Latin. It is an open-source project focused on solving the shortage of intensive-care units (ICU) in hospitals and halting the spread of Coronavirus.

The first CURA prototype is currently being built in Milan, with sponsorship from UniCredit. The project uses repurposed shipping containers to create plug-in biocontainment pods that can be quickly deployed in cities around the world. These aims at be as fast to mount as a hospital tent but as safe as a hospital’s isolation ward to work in. Importantly, CURA pods significantly increase ICU building capacity.


CURA prototypes are being built from repurposed shipping containers