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Zagrebačka banka and Croatian Red Cross help vulnerable citizens

Wednesday 29 Apr 2020

Together with the UniCredit Foundation, Zagrebačka Banka and its employees have donated HRK 1,380,000 to the Croatian Red Cross to help them provide food packages to the vulnerable

Zagrebačka Banka and its employees have, together with the UniCredit Foundation, donated 1,380,000 HRK to the Croatian Red Cross for the preparation and distribution of food packages for vulnerable citizens and households hit by the COVID-19 crisis. Thanks to the donation, the Croatian Red Cross will be able to prepare and distribute 5 thousand food packages which contains ingredients that feeds two people for two weeks.

The donation to the Croatian Red Cross follows Zagrebačka banka’s donation of HRK 1.3 million to hospitals to help cover medical expenses, the purchase of medical equipment and the repair of earthquake damage.