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Tuesday 30 Jun 2020

Whether working from home, in a branch or in the office, each employee has successfully navigated this unprecedented situation and UniCredit Bank Hungary has thanked them with a special series of messages

UniCredit Bank Hungary launched an internal campaign to thank all its employees for their extraordinary work and efforts during lockdown. All the messages of appreciation sent to colleagues were personalised to commend them for continuing to support the bank and its clients during this challenging time.

We collected some of the messages UniCredit Bank Hungary sent to surprise them with a big THANK YOU!

NETWORK COLLEAGUES — You are our branch heroes. We need your bravery and resilience to make our operations run as smoothly as possible, and make our customers feel good about our bank. We appreciate your work! We are proud of you! THANK YOU!

RETAIL — We now work as a team even better than before. We support each other, everybody does the best they can, sometimes even more. We should be proud of each other and ourselves. THANK YOU!

ICT & US — Special recognition to IT colleagues who have adapted to the new challenges within record time and smoothly set up our new virtual working environment. They make our work easier with their continuous and flexible service. THANK YOU!

CRO — We are grateful for the overtime on moratorium tasks and increased reporting obligations; for lightening-speed reactions to the introduction of new lending principles and efforts to assess operational risks due to remote working and increased usage of digital channels; for immediate reports on liquidity and market risk indicators; and for facilitating key management decisions. THANK YOU!

CIB — For those who are performing tasks that can only be done from the office, and those who adapted to remote working at record speeds. For teams who completely transformed their processes to keep us operating successfully and key functions that require special work in multiple locations. Thanks to your joint efforts, we have successfully completed a number of large, complex financing transactions, even in this extraordinary period. THANK YOU!

CFO — The situation has had serious economic and financial implications. Tracking and implementing day-to-day changes and rapidly-evolving government actions have posed significant challenges to our entire Financial Division. We are grateful that you have performed so well and supported the bank’s operations by applying the measures quickly and professionally. THANK YOU!