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UniCredit’s Got Talent: Baking that matters

Friday 20 Nov 2020

UniCredit employees have many talents outside of their working life. This week, we hear from a colleague in Serbia who has a love for baking

"I’m Urania Skutelis Marinovic, Cash Management & E-banking officer at UniCredit Bank Serbia"
"I’m also a baker. My mother and grandmother are both fabulous cooks, and we love making traditional Serbian and Greek recipes using great seasonal Mediterranean vegetables and local spices"

"I started baking properly nine years ago. My son had a birthday coming up, and I couldn’t find the right cake for him, so I made one myself. The cake was an instant crowd-pleaser, and I’ve been baking ever since."
"I make birthday cakes, cupcakes, tartlets, savoury bites, and other treats. Baking for my kids is my passion. It allows me to express my creativity, and the looks of amazement on my kids’ faces are priceless"

"Like most Greek families, we’ll find any reason to get together and celebrate. Food is a big part of our identity. We always cook a delicious feast at every friend and family gathering, as a testament to our rich and colourful heritage"

Do you have a talent? Or perhaps you know a colleague who does? Get in touch with us at to share your story.